I Am Mom – Book Release

I Am Mom final book cover for website 1-2016I’m so very excited to announce to release of my new book, I Am Mom: Poetry in the raw or perhaps just random thoughts of an overtired mom about the condition of motherhood. It is the first book I wrote and released as a mom, it begins my venture into poetry and it was all written on my IPhone while breastfeeding my daughter.  It brings multitasking to a whole new level as a mom.



The book is an honest expression of motherhood on so many levels – even the way in which it was created since Carpenter wrote it on her iPhone, typing with only a thumb, while nursing her infant daughter.


Each poem is complimented by artistic portraits that were created on an iPhone by the author and her family. The iMac cover design showcases a single breast which is synonymous with motherhood, as it is natural, life sustaining and comforting.


I Am Mom is not your typical, flowery-written work about motherhood,” says Cathy Sue Carpenter.  “I write about sleep deprivation, frustration, angst and monotony, exhaustion as well as those wonderful moments that cut through the rough stuff and demonstrate the amazingness of it all.  Honestly, I didn’t even know if it is poetry of the scrambled random thoughts of an overtired mom, so I made sure to include that in the title just in case.  Either way, by offering a truer perspective of motherhood, I think moms everywhere will find the book insightful and validating.”



Cathy Sue Carpenter is a mom, author, businesswoman and community volunteer. When she’s not hosting a stuffed animal tea party with her daughter, helping out at her son’s grammar school, being a geeked out marketing consultant working on client projects big and small, talking about all things mom related on her blog MOMtricity, she’s writing and sometimes she actually sleeps too.  She has more books and ideas in the works. Cathy Sue resides in a sleepy suburb of Chicago with her husband Michael, son Zachary, daughter Genevieve, cat and fish.



I Am Mom is available in e-book format via Amazon for $2.99. Signed, first edition books are available for pre-order with a March 2016 delivery date via www.cathysue.com.  Books will be available for purchase on-line and in stores in April 2016, just in time for Mother’s Day.


For additional information, interview opportunities or a copy to review, contact Cathy Sue Carpenter at 312-804-9122 or email cathy@cathysue.com.


#IAmMomBookRelease #CathySueCarpenter



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