I Am Mom final book cover for website 1-2016JUST RELEASED!

I Am Mom, is a collection of poems written on the journey of motherhood. It offers a refreshing new perspective in her mostly on an iPhone, typed with only a thumb, while nursing, then edited during naptime and babysitter time. Its peppered with unique photo sketches that compliment each poem, its truly a work of art and honest expression of motherhood. “Its not your typical, flowery written word about motherhood. I write about sleep deprivation, frustration, angst, monotony, exhaustion as well as those wonderful moments that cut through all the rough stuff and demonstrate the amazingness of it all. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s poetry or the scrambled, random thoughts of an overtired mom. Either way, it’s a book for moms by a mom and I think they will enjoy and identify with it”, Cathy Sue Carpenter.

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sew_buttons_cover-273x408So what? Sew Buttons On Your Underwear, that’s what! As an outgoing child, and then a pretty wild teenager with a sass mouth, my uncreative, smart-aleck rebuttal to any comment was often, “So what?” Tired and aggravated with her ungrateful daughter, my mom’s comeback was always ”So what? Sew buttons on your underwear. That’s what!” For years I just laughed and of course thought my mom was truly nuts. My eventual pre-teen comeback was, “Why not sew zippers?” To my delight this aggrevated her even more.  As I grew up her nonsensical sayings often rattled around in my head and sometimes actually fell out of my own mouth, much to my surprise.  So I decided to delve into them, understand their meanings and laugh through it all.  This book is a collection of her quotes with my grownup comments and funny photos.  Dedicated to my mom, Mary L. Carpenter, as well as all moms in the world, sleep deprived and winging it as best as they can, with love.

Paperback available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble $9.95