Cathy Sue Carpenter

cathy sue profile pic 2015Who am I? I’m tourist of life really, learning, evolving, growing, changing and reinventing. I’m also a mom, businesswoman, writer, author, mommyblogger, community volunteer, DIYer, and the fastest diaper changer in the Midwest. When I’m not hosting a stuffed animal tea party with my daughter, helping out at my son’s grammar school, being a geeked out marketing consultant working on client projects big and small, talking about all things mom related on my blog MOMtricity, I’m writing. I have lots more books and ideas in the works.

My background includes advertising, marketing, sales and business for a broad spectrum of practices ranging from regional to global relationships and includes baby food, union laborers, ice cream, medical, IT, flooring, appliances, construction, and commercial interiors.

Currently, I reside in a sleepy suburb of Chicago, which has been a big change for this lifelong city girl, with my husband Michael, son Zachary, daughter Genevieve, cat and fish.

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