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MOMtricity, what?

In 2010, I started MOMtricity because I did not see the information I was looking for in my city or about the products I was interested in and lastly that had the candor I was looking for. I like the facts and realistic details and I found other Chicagoland area moms both newbies and veterans were looking for that too. My ultimate goal for MOMtricity is to offer support by sharing information, with a side of sarcasm and dry humor.

Why call it MOMtricity?

MOMtricity? I get asked, why call it MOMtricity? Mom+electricity. Still why? Because the minute a woman knows she is going to be a mom, she is charged as though she has been struck by lightning. Yes, it’s true, just think of the extensive planning and nesting that goes on before a baby is born. Do you ever stop and look around and wonder how the heck you did it all? And then, once the baby arrives, its magic and moms step their game up even further.

Seriously, electricity is considered to be extraordinarily versatile and can be used in an endless set of applications. Yes, now think again, all the situations as a mom you’ve found yourself in and had to make it happen, figure it out, think on your feet, and survive, all while keeping your babies safe. Limitless?  Right? Lastly, another fast fact, electrical power is considered the backbone of modern industrial society.  Moms ARE the backbone of the family and just about everything else. So yes, that is why I decided to call this blog MOMtricity. Simply, because moms are as powerful as electricity.


MOMtricityFB (for chronic pain sufferers)

So like many mommy blogs, mine too fell to the wayside because of kids, work, home, more kids, going back to school, volunteering and etc. In addition to all of that, a fact I hate to admit because it becomes more real and I have to admit defeat, is that I suffer from Fibromyalgia. It’s not just widespread pain that seems manageable as mentioned on those certain drug TV commercials, it is so much more.  There are days I feel like I have been hit by a bus with so much pain I cannot walk upright.  Fibromyalgia studies have shown that Fibro sufferers feel increased pain as much as 10 times more as those without.  So a Fibro simple bump, stub or bruise, hurts way more and can last all day.  Wonderful right?  Well it also includes a debilitating fatigue at times, and a lovely thing called brain fog that pops up sometimes and coupled with mommy brain, it can make forming a sentence near impossible.  Muscle weakness can be another great joy of Fibromyalgia, which can be tricky for the daily mom routines. There are a bunch more fun symptoms, but those are the major ones. So there, I said it, as much as I hate it, it is true.  Not just for me, but for an estimated 10 million people are also affected with this disorder (but the actual numbers could be far more), I’ve decided I needed to incorporate a Fibro rating scale into MOMtricity product reviews that could also help others with many other chronic disorders, diseases and pain sufferers that deal with weakness, pain and loss of abilities. These can be typical products for moms that have helpful qualities for fibromoms or the can be products specifically designed to alleviate pain or provide assistance and are easy to use around kids and a hectic schedule.  Look for the MOMtricityFB approved status my product reviews.