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Poetry workshop series, guest speaking and readings for events, groups and book clubs are now available, contact Cathy Sue Carpenter at 312-804-9122 or via email at for more details and scheduling.


Poetry in Motherhood/Workshop Series

Author, Poet, businesswoman, community volunteer and mom Cathy Sue Carpenter discusses how she ventured into poetry after the birth of her second child and how she managed to write a book on her iPhone while nursing her daughter..  Her recent book I Am Mom:  Poetry in the raw or perhaps just random thoughts of an overtired mom about the condition of motherhood, explores the depths of being a mom and the vast range of emotions that are never talked about.

This workshop will help inspire and motivate moms of all ages to find the poet in their souls.  It will explore unconventional ways to write thoughts and ideas, while working around the 24/7 busy mom schedule.


Duration: 60 minutes

Type: Writing, English, Poetry

Language: English

Suitable for:  Adults (Moms of all ages)

Minimum attendance: 10

(Click below for a printable PDF).


Poetry in Motherhood – Author Cathy Sue Carpenter Workshop Series